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Shoei NXR 2 - Sort Matt

Varenr: NXR2-M-B-S




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The Shoei NXR is currently one of the most wanted Shoei helmets on the market. It is truly a helmet Shoei takes pride in. That’s why they have renewed the helmet and come up with the NXR II, a refined helmet polished to the needs of a rider.

With the release of the NXR II, comes the slogan “the evolution of perfection”. Shoei constantly thrives to evolve and put the finest products on the market. With the NXR II, the most advanced techniques and technology have been incorporated. The best features of the helmet are a new wind channel system, the wide range of patented materials, and the strict quality assurance practices.

The Shoei NXR II, also known as the RF-1400, has significantly improved aerodynamics and noise reduction. Shoei establishes this by fine-tuning their wind channels system. The NXR II is shaped to reduce wind resistance, putting less pressure on the head and neck.

The wind channels are renewed for improved ventilation and noise reduction. With Shoei helmets already having the most silent helmets, the new NXR II is a true game changer.

The helmet is also improved when it comes to safety. The interior has improved shock absorption and shock distribution. The helmet is designed with a smaller shell size and the absence of a sun visor allows the shell size to be even smaller. A small shell size allows the helmet to be more lightweight, making it feel more natural. The wide CWR-F2 visor provides extended visibility while riding.

In a nutshell, this helmet really is about the essence of riding. You, your bike and your helmet – no nonsense! Take a look at the product specifications below for more details.

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