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Capit Suprema Vision Superbike Dekkvarmere - Sort

SBK 120/17" - 185-205/16"-17"

Varenr: Å03620042

NOK 6.299,-

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NOK 6.299,-

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  • TNT Heating System from 40°C to 120°C without thermostat (in 30 minutes you get a uniform temperature on the tyre. The innovative and patented method consists in weaving every 5 mm a special heating cable on a material with high thermo-conductive power thus eliminating the thermostat and the related problems of inconstancy in temperature and low duration)
  • Heating radial cable in teflon from 40 meters radial for a reduction of the heating time and a uniform distribution of heat
  • Special outer coating in teflon waterproof to any liquid
  • Internal lining anti-wear and fireproof
  • Power wire in silicone resistant up to 200°C
  • Velcro closure
  • Operating control light
  • Electrical absorption for single tyrewarmer: size S 300 watt | size M 400 watt | size L 500 watt | size XL 600 watt
  • Available in different colors